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How to build affiliate store with WordPress

Posted on: 15/06/2010

Hi all,

let me present you my recent plugin fro wordpress – Affiliate Store Plugin, its llows you to setup niche store around your blog and fill it in with a thousands of affiliated offers and products.

Plugins easily plugs into WordPress and in a 5 – 10 minutes you can have your store up and running. All you need is to be registered to one of the following programs: Commission Junction, Amazon, Affiliate Window or Market Health and we offer free addition of any network of your choice with a purchase (just $59). To get more information about its features and functions please check Affiliate Store Plugin Webpage. Of coarse to make revenue you need to do some additional steps so people can find the products, but even nice niche autoblog will work if you put some producst around it.

So if you want to make some additional revenue stream to your pocket and you have basic understanding of what is blog I will suggest the following:

1. Buy nice domain
2. Get good hosting (have no advice here i rent a server and host hundreds of blogs)
3. Install WordPress
4. Buy and Install Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin
5. Fill it in with a niche related products from Amazon, Commission Junction and others
6. Write some unique niche related articles
7. Repeat steps above (except that you do not need to buy Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin as its one license covers all your blogs + free support just for $59 ) and make another niche blog and fill it in with another niche products.
8. Periodically post some more or less usefull articles (or rewritten articles)
9. In a couple of months you will see how sales are making you comparably good money.
10. Then use your imagination

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