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So, if you read my first Blog Profitz review you’re probably waiting patiently to see if and how it works, and whether or not I find ways around some of the small issues I found with it.

First of all, if you’re here from a search engine for the first time – welcome, and be sure bookmark the Blog Profitz Review series page.

Click to see what BlogProfitz is. Yes, that’s an affiliate link (that’s how we pay the bills around here). However, this is an honest review of how I’m using BlogProfitz and how it’s working for me.

Now then, normally in a series like this I don’t post just a day later – but I thought that (if you were following this series) you would find this interesting. I like things that tell me what I’m doing is working, and also things that don’t work (so I can figure out how to fix them).

blog profitz stats

I want you to take a look at the image above – those are one first day’s stats for AutoPartsUsedCars.com (click on the image for full view). It’s not much, but I did get some traffic the first day – and as you can see, normally I don’t get much on this site. It has no pagerank, and normally gets almost no visitors. We’ll see throughout this week if that keeps up. But here’s what interesting…

blogprofitz longtail keywords

The image above is my incoming search traffic for this first day using BlogProfitz. I’m getting targeted, longtail search traffic ON THE FIRST DAY! This may not seem like much – but remember, I’ve done no promotion at all, no linkbuilding -NOTHING! I’m also very happy that the very first entry with a couple pageviews is one of the original content articles I got from the content club! This is very promising.

In the first post, if you remember – I edited most of the first day post titles, and I made two of the original content articles “sticky” so they appeared first on the page. Also – on this autopartsusedcsars.com site, I added in a lot of rules, and it’s supposed to post more than a 100 posts about cars per day. I added tags to all the scheduled posts (by hand – ouch) as well. Did it work (did all the scheduled posts post?)? Well, I have 278 published posts and 171 scheduled, so I’d say that they didn’t all post like they were supposed to.

In case you were wondering about the gift site – let’s take a look at what happened:

bestgiftfor stats

In the image above you’ll see I didn’t fare nearly as good with the BestGiftFor.com web site, but I didn’t post as many things (only 9), I didn’t tag anything, I didn’t rewrite any of the post titles, some of the posts were ebay auctions with no description (or content other than the image thumbnail), and I don’t think any original content got posted at all. Take a look at the site for yourself, it kinda looks like a spamblog right now. This is purposeful, I wanted to create a total garbage site and see exactly how it fared against the other site that I’m trying to do well with (the auto site).

So those are my first day stats – nothing impressive, but we’re making progress. Now a little bit about how I’m attacking some of the little issues I found. BlogProfitz doesn’t tag posts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t install a plugin to do that for you. There’s a plugin called Simple Tags that works well if you want to assign tags from a written list of ones you designate. There are plenty of other autotag plugins for WordPress, such as Strictly Autotag, which generates lots of quality tags from the existing keyword in your posts using regular expressions.

I’m going to search for a decent plugin for forcing the cron to – to get these posts published in a more timely manner (where I don’t have to push them all out). I was also told that you can change the BlogProfitz settings where you can post ‘x times per week’ instead of every day – I might just try that on a few of my established existing blogs, and see how that goes!

Keep reading for future posts and updates to the Blog Profitz Review series to see how my sites do, and also to see my strategy for getting them indexed and online authority to get more traffic (and make more money!).

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